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Summary: Dave makes a deal with the horrorterrors, and it backfires. A pick-your-own-adventure featuring gross misuse of smuppets, grimdark rap battles, and dick jokes shittier than any you’ve ever seen before!
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Summary: But the girl he is staring at is not his type, or perhaps too much his type. She has an odd angular face, good cheekbones, narrow eyes, a long chin; it’s only when he tries to put into words what disqualifies it from prettiness that he realizes it’s more or less his own.
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The Shadiest of Bars )
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Summary: n. A non-convergence of rays, owing to difference in refrangibility of different colours.
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Chromatic Aberration )
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Summary: It is a chase everlasting, and it is a dance that never seems to come to an end.
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[Amaranthine] )
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Summary: It's hard being in a threesome relationship. It's hard and no one understands, not even the other two in this weird troll-human-love-hate triangle.
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The Pros and Cons of a Threeway )
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Summary: Terezi Pyrope is an intrepid reporter for troll newspaper The Nightly Times, and she's got a nose for crime, to boot. But when her flushcrush is convicted for the murder of two highbloods, it's up to her to prove Nepeta Leijon's innocence before it's too late!
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In All Interest of Fairness )
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Summary: Think of a cross between classic Zelda and The Binding of Isaac, but with Homestuck. You're welcome.
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Karezi )
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Summary: Love can transcend anything... Including universes.
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The Time of Our Lives! )
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Summary: Space babies in space. That's all there really is to say on the matter!
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Spacewatching )
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Summary: Roxy is thirteen years old and the Auto-Responder is a month old and they both have lots of feelings. It's up to you to decide how those feelings play out!
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Not Lookin' At the Floorbutt )
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Summary: They keep getting it wrong, but each time they start anew--because there's no universe, no matter how far off base, where they do not meet.
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The Fault in Our Stars )
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Summary: The weight of a three-year journey bears down on your psyche and the dreamempty sleeps and dreambubble drifts make it harder and harder to discern what's worse: the things that never were or the things that could've been.
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Skip to the End )
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Summary: AU where things go terribly wrong (SCP Universe)
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The Creation of SCP-413-612-J )
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Summary:  JAKE: Jane is this going to be one hell of a present.
JAKE: After our long arduous exhausting hours of incessant working the gift being the only thing on our mind im sure theyll love it.
JANE: Jake, it didn’t even take us four days.

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Tags )A myriad of trinkets and doohickeys for two. )


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