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Summary: It is a chase everlasting, and it is a dance that never seems to come to an end.

Characters: Orphaner Dualscar, The Summoner
Ships: Dualscar <3< Summoner

Category One:
Tags Present: Body horror
Tags Not Used: No other Cat.1 tags apply.

Category Two:
Tags Present: Character death
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Tags Present: Flashing gif at end of fic

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As always, you're fighting. Always fighting, over something stupid and unimportant, and it only makes you hate him more. There are days you don't want to hate him like this. There are days where it's too intense, too much for your heart to bear, and you wish things had gone differently. Even though he stares out from the bow, eyes white in death, you can tell he's watching you out of the corner of his eye, although whether it's because he's afraid you'll attack him unawares, or for some other reason, you can't really tell. You've been on this ship a very long time, and you've been in loathe for even longer, or so that's the feeling you get.

The last thing you know, you're on a ship. You have the vaguely unsettling feeling you've been on it a long time. The fact that you're the only two on the vessel does not strike you as odd, although had you been in your proper state of existence, it would have been the first thign you'd noticed, the ship's riggings frozen as you part the ice without even a spash of seawater.

Maybe this is all a dream. You're alone in the world, just you and him, and while it doesn't really strike you as odd, it does come across as strangely serene. Maybe this is your chance, you think to yourself. Maybe now you can vent all of the hatred between you and finally sail in peace. But you sit in silence, each opening your mouth to speak, and deciding at the last second not to.

The crash was also silent, the water not even rushing in your ears as you struggle valiantly, hauled over onto one of the ice caps by a pair of strong hands, the nails digging into you unecessarily hard. It's only once you're out of the water that the true chill finally sets in. You know it will freeze you to death unless you can find someplace to take shelter. Once this thought hits you, the suddenness of your own mortality sinking in, the volume seems to turn back up and the rush of harsh waves hits your ears.

“This is all your fault,” comes a shivering, quaking voice behind you, and you can't even muster the strength to jump in surprise. “You weren't paying attention, were you?” Dualscar's voice is harsher than usual, the vibrations running oddly through your wings. It's only when you shift to look at him that you notice they've frozen solid, painful and piercing.

“L-Let's just get to shelter,” is all you say, standing as best you can. “I-I think there's caves not far from here...”

You hate that you're reduced to this – huddling over each other, wrapped as best you can in Dualscar's cape, shaking hard in the cold. Every few moments, Dualscar grumbles, trying to pull the thin fabric closer around him, more of your wings exposed to the frigid air as he does, although at this point, you've lost feeling in them. You wonder if you'll lose them before you die, your sluggish brain not registering the way the ice around you seems to creak.

The pain that registers explodes through your back, but thankfully, your wings are so frozen, you don't bleed much as they literally shatter like panes of caramel colored glass. Rolling away, trying to get away from the burning pain at such a contrast to the cold, you can't contain the screams that fall from your mouth. It's only when you feel a hand on your face that your voice stops, your breath in ragged pants as you look up at him, your most hated rival, trying to ensure you don't go into shock.

You try to tell him to fuck off, that the tears frozen on your cheeks aren't there, but in the end, all you can do is clutch at him as he brushes them off your cheeks, his body on top of yours in the cold, the cape over both of you as you slowly accustom yourself to what has actually happened to your body. You will never fly again, you realize, and you can't even bring yourself to scream again at the thought.

“We're gonna die, aren't we?” he asks, voice deadpan as you lay there, praying your body heat will help you get through this. You lay there, eyes closed as you try and process what he's just said with your sluggish, frostbitten brain. “Probably,” you murmur after a while. “Most definitely, I think.”

How long the two of you laid there, holding each other like an anchor, you can't be sure. In the cold, dark cave that will end up being your grave, time has no meaning. It could have been minutes, although there are times where you swear it's been days since you initially crashed the ship. Everything seems to be slowing down; even Dualscar's heartbeat against your chest has become faint and sluggish, and as you look down at him, his breathing slow and shallow, you can only faintly reflect on how the fins protecting his gills have become pale and pink with frostbite, an oddly beautiful shade as you reach out to touch. It's only as your fingertips make connection that you realize you have no feeling left.

As you look at him, the minutes stretch on, and for once his face is peaceful. Like he could be sleeping. You vaguely remind yourself that only a moment or two ago, he was. Succumbing to this is as easy as drifting asleep... In what you know will be your last moments, you can't help but reflect on how you got here, and how you came to be curled up next to your most hated rival, wondering why it had to turn pitch in the end. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Maybe it was all backwards, your flush and pitch romances. Maybe maybe maybe...

You hate the uncertainty at the end of this, alone with nothing but a frozen body, dead potential and your own thoughts. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Maybe if you'd had more time... Maybe things would have been different, and you could have been happy and comfortable in each other's presence. Your eyes are burning again as you trace along his scarred face, the heat from your regret burning so much more harshly as you lay there, freezing to death. Sleep is attempting to overtake you, and your eyes are already starting to fall shut as you whisper in his ear, knowing he'll never hear the whispered words on your lips.

“I win.”

Image to text:
1. Black silhouettes of Dualscar and the Summoner arguing, a spade in the middle of the two glaring at each other.
2. The back of the Summoner and Dualscar’s heads as they notice a fast approaching snowy land mass.
3. Dualscar’s ship is thrown off course by a giant wave crashing into it.
4. The Summoner is laying face down in the snow, cold wind tearing into his wings.
5. Closeup on the Summoner’s wings as ice begins to form on them.
6. Closeup on the Summoner’s wings as a gust of wind shatters the frozen appendages and blows the pieces away.
7. Closeup on the Summoner and Dualscar’s faces. Dualscar looks at the Summoner with his now blank dead eyes. The Summoner looks back at him with the same blank dead eyes.
8. Animated: A dream bubble fades into the space, containing a snowy landscape, and finally disappears.


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